Monday, December 1, 2008

Pictures speaks Volumes: Other Babies hurt by Carters tagless clothes

Carters continues to stand by their position that babies' reactions to their tagless clothing is "rare" and "isolated" thus not warranting a company recall of their merchandise. However, these pictures speak a thousand words and break our hearts.

Carters, isn't ONE baby's injury enough to start this recall? We have received numerous emails from parents nationwide as well as other countries sharing their own horrible experience with their babies wearing these Carters tagless clothes. Enough is enough! Recall this merchandise and save other families and their babies from enduring this preventable injury.


Eve said...

where can I post my pictures and even a small video?

Janet said...

Eve, please email me your video and photo and I will post them on my blog. Here is the email you should send them to:

This is in my profile, too. I'm sorry to hear this has happened to your family.

Anonymous said...

I'm pregnant, and I develop rashes from elastic, spandex, fabric finishes, and dyes. I was always leery of the tagless shirts.

My baby will have cotton diapers and clothing without tagless imprints. I won't even use commercial diaper wipes or flushable liners because I am afraid of getting a rash or giving the baby a rash. My skin is terribly sensitive.

Some baby items can be ordered from which sells mildly treated ivory cotton.

Clothing manufacturers need to know that their fabric treatments and tagless designs are harming people.

Anonymous said...

I am sick! I just googled "my baby has a circular rash on her back" and your website popped up. I've been to the pediatrician several times and even an allergist for this EXACT problem on our 18 month old daughter's back. The sore is in the EXACT same spot. One of your photos could BE our daughter from the back, the sore is so identical. The allergist was baffled and sent us back to our pediatrician. I took off work to take her to the doctor again tomorrow, Feb 3rd, but now I don't need to. I am just horrified that a company could knowingly let this continue!