Friday, November 14, 2008

Carters Should Examine Ava's Case

Carters often references their safety investigation of their tagless labels. I am curious though, why haven't they ever contacted us about Ava's case? It seems logical that their investigation would benefit from the data of a case such as Ava's. Carters investigative team has never asked us about Ava. We would be happy to share the data. Carters would see that Ava was diagnosed with a chemical burn from a medical expert. They would see that Ava chronically suffered. Who knows, they might even find an answer to this hazard by looking at her case. We are not part of the lawsuit, we only want answers and we only want full disclosure and appropriate actions.

We made the effort of writing the Executive staff of Carters and only received responses to placate our frustration, not a response of action. The CEO interview in ZRecs just further exasperates us for these reasons: They are sticking to boilerplate responses, falling back on statistical quality thresholds based on fallable data, and they continue to ignore the fact that babies are suffering from their products.

We will continue our quest to compel Carters to do the right thing.

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