Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NBC Story Follow up: Families Affected by Carters Tagless Clothes

We were interviewed by NBC as were other families whose babies had been affected by wearing these Carters tagless clothes. Here are the videos:

Class Action Lawsuit (click on Ava's picture on the left to see the video):

Viewers' Responses to the NBC Investigative Stories on Carters tagless clothes (click on the picture with "restitution" highlighted):

We are so relieved this story and all of our experiences are finally getting the coverage it requires. Carters, we hope you are watching; these were once your consumers whose trust you had, but whose babies you have injured. We look forward to the days and months to come as Lindsey Webb, the CA class action plaintiff, the other parent-plaintiffs nationwide and their legal team push their class action will Carters respond? Can they really continue to keep their heads in the sand and stand by their corporate position that a recall is not necessary?

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