Friday, November 14, 2008

Carters CEO speaks with ZRecs

ZRecs interviewed Carters CEO, Michael Casey:

Being on the record, Casey surprisingly provides more information and color into what went into the creation of these tagless labels and their corporate stance on the whole situation.

We do take issue and differ with the terminology Casey tries to clarify with ZRecs. We stand by our position and our pediatrician's diagnosis that Ava did in fact suffer a CHEMICAL BURN, not contact dermatitis. Our pediatrician, a well-known Doctor and child safety expert, as well as his experienced colleagues all diagnosed Ava had in fact suffered a chemical burn from these tagless clothes. Additionally, Zrecs asks Casey why Carters won't recall the clothes and Casey's response, "[t]he level of inquiries on this... even now, has not been significant in terms of its relation to the total number of our garments. It is some fraction of 1% of the garments from the Fall 07 line." So I guess 1% of inquires or the injured babies is not enough to warrant a, enlightening to know that this "trusted" company of children's clothing does not think it's serious enough to begin a formal recall. Truly disappointing, but not surprising to hear their corporate position on this matter and very sad for any baby and family that has been affected by Carters tagless clothes. We'll be waiting for more updates on the nationwide class action....

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