Saturday, November 1, 2008

You Are Not Alone, Share Your Stories and Pictures

Many parents nationwide have sadly sent me photos depicting their babies' back wounds from wearing Carters tagless clothes (as well as other well-known brands). Their stories echo the same nightmare experience we had: numerous Dr's visits trying to diagnose and help their babies, many sleepless and stress days and nights soothing their child and trying desperately to find out what caused this back wound, discovering the internet information and watching the media stories and wondering why there hasn't been a recall. One commentator has created this blog to share our stories and our babies' photos. I urge everyone to share their experience and offer up pictures of their babies' wounds (pictures in this case speak volumes where our children could not):

We appreciate everyone's support and collectively, we hope all of us can bring more media attention and public awareness to the hazards of these tagless clothes. Where the media stories and our demand for a formal recall remain ignored, some parents are seeking redress through legal resources. Perhaps that is what is necessary for Carters to own up and stand behind their corporate promise to "make trusted" clothes for our kids. At this point, our trust is irrevocably shattered.