Saturday, October 18, 2008

Carters Consumer Affairs Discussion

We connected with Carters again and remain unsatisfied. Mary, the Manager of Carters Consumer Affairs, called us yesterday to update us. She said she spoke to the Director of Consumer of Affairs (her boss) and the Director of their Quality Control Dept (not sure of the exact title).

However, there will be No Recall, no satisfactory resolution, but here is what Mary states is being proposed at least for Carters Consumer Affairs Dept.

1. Mary had a group meeting with all of Carters Consumer Affairs Representatives and all agreed to “welcome” victims and to be more compassionate

2. Make sure staffing levels are sufficient to promptly return calls within 24 hours

3. Working with the phone company and their internal IT department to create a dedicated 800 number hotline for tagless clothing victims

4. Improve reimbursement process and promptly pay reimbursement checks

5. Redesigned insurance claims process

6. Website page dedicated to this tagless clothes problem

We remain unsatisfied because there is no promise of a recall or informing the public of the hazards for children wearing their tagless clothes. We are planning to write a letter to their CEO and Executive Staff and will post it once it's completed.

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