Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yet another victim of Carters tagless clothes

Here again, is another Carters tagless clothing victim. You see, the same exact back wound as Ava's. See this link:

Carters - now is the time to finally recogize this problem. This is not an "isolated" or "rare" incident as your scripted response alleges and as you have told us numerous times.

Carters, perhaps you should consider the ethical approach, such as:

- start with apologizing, a mea culpa will mean a lot to your victims
- disclose the problem to the pediatric community, your distributors, and your consumers
- create a welcome wagon for your victims, treat them compassionately and fairly, be their advocates instead of making them advocate for themselves (haven't parents and babies endured enough?)
- promptly refund the full retail value of the defective clothes purchased by your victims
- recall all your defective products immediately
- update your website
- stop the internal product safety denial and fix the problem
- basically, do the morally correct thing


amy said...


i am so sorry for all the pain you and ava have had to go through...please drop me your e-mail when you get a chance. i am trying to figure out a strategy and i'd love to hear your thoughts.

amy muir (

Janet said...

Thank you for your response and support. I really appreciate it. I will send you an email with my contact information. My hope is that the word gets out and Carters finally owns up to their problem.