Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dialogue Across The Blogs

Since the CPSC and Carters issued public statements yesterday, other sites have continued to provide their own invaluable research and insight. We hope you will read them and share them with everyone:


Science for Sale:

As consumers and parents, these public statements and advisory did nothing to placate us. We believe our baby, like many others, was affected beyond just the Carters tagless Fall 2007 product line. We were initially told by Carters Consumer Affairs representative that there are "no chemicals" in these tagless clothes. Give us a break! Our baby suffered a chemical burn, which was confirmed by her pediatrician. Carters, it's time for the reality check: begin the Recall.


Just Another Obscure Author said...

Hi! I wanted to let you know that I've updated my blog posting a bit to include your comments that the rashes/burns were not limited to the Fall 2007 line. I agree with you; my son had a minor reaction to a Gap "Brennan's Favorite" shirt, and I've gotten e-mails, as I am sure you have, from parents whose children had reactions to Gerbers and Hanes. More to come....
Oh, and I fixed the broken link! ;)

Cranky Mom said...

I've posted on my blog too about the update from CPSC and Carter's.


Sarah Pacheco said...

reading this blog and everything else on this issue has made me realize that this is what my son has been suffering from since october/november 2007. thank you for posting this!!!