Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Public Statement...Corporate Secrets?

Last week, Carters consumer affairs assured us there would be a statement on their website addressing their tagless clothing safety issue. This person was elusive and uncomfortable when we pushed the issue, but assured us it would be addressed publicly.

Naively we misread her awkwardness and assumed Carters wanted to address this issue after they publicly announced their earnings. Today Carters publicly announced their earnings…guess what? Carters did NOT publicly address the product safety concern of their tagless clothing and did NOT update their website with any related information. Why the corporate secret, Carters? Why not take today’s opportunity to provide this important information to your consumers and shareholders?

Alas, we have exhausted the reserves of giving Carters the benefit of the doubt to do the “right thing.” We are back to where we started: with our baby who suffered five months from chemical burns caused by Carters tagless clothes and without any ongoing dialog with Carters on how they plan to fix this problem for all consumers. Carters did not respond to my note to their Executive Staff. We have not heard anything from them. How does this company decide not to respond to a consumer plea regarding a child safety issue? It is inexplicable. Does anyone have a theory?

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Just Another Obscure Author said...

They are not responding in a public way because they realize that they are now facing a liability issue. I can tell you that I have heard from several lawyers and law firms, and judging from the traffic on my blog--specifically the postings about Carter's--I think a lot of law firms are looking into litigation on this issue. This is the reason for Carter's silence on this issue. I wouldn't be surprised if they cease offering refunds as well, for this reason.