Saturday, October 25, 2008

Inundated With More Horror Stories & Baby Pictures

We have been flooded with emails (some including graphic photos of babies' back wounds) from other victims of Carters tagless. We are now more furious than ever. Has Carters really lucked out? All the news coverage quotes their advisory, just 400 victims, only limited to the Fall 2007 line. How can Carters get away with this? Maybe only 400 complaints have been filed, but who would know to file a complaint? How many mothers have the time to file a complaint, especially while dealing with a child who has a chronic and painful injury. If there are 400 official complaints, there must be thousands or tens of thousands of victims who have not yet officially reported their babies' wounds. Also, Ava's Carters clothes were not just limited to the Fall 2007 line and her injury persisted while wearing

Just today, a victim told us she asked a Carters store manager if she knew about the tagless safety issue and yesterday's advisory and statements from CPSC and Carters. The manager of Carters retail store had no idea! Carters: you have a duty to effectively communicate to your distributors and especially your own stores. You can not stop with this advisory. Communicate effectively and comprehensively, be compassionate and fair with your victims, and recall your products.

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The Royal Family said...

I wanted to say hi. My daughter never had to be hospitalized, her spot did get all oozey and gooey.. and was very uncomfortable. It was months before I realized it was the tag, but I always thought it just happen to be something she was allergic to. I heard about the story on the news last night and missed it so I researched it today and stumbled upon your blog. I am sorry your daughter and your family has had to suffer. I will be keeping tabs on this story I don't quite yet want to turn my clothes in, until we find out the complete seriousness of the chemicals. My daughter now breaks out if anything touches her back other than cotton.... it's difficult. Thanks for sharing your story.